Nigerians in Space

Published by Unnamed Press, Nigerians in Space is an international crime thriller about brain drain that is set in South Africa, Nigeria, and the U.S. The chapter “Home Affairs”, published in World Literature Today, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. It is available in print and e-book.

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Praise for Nigerians in Space

“Fast-paced, well-written and packed with insight and humor. Olukotun is a very talented storyteller. “
Charles Yu, National Book Award 5-Under-35 winner and author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

“A deft mingling of satirical humor, Noirish twists…and a keen-eyed yet accessible take on cultural displacement in contemporary times. “
Olufemi Terry, winner of the Caine Prize for African Writing

“You can taste Cape Town, you can hear it in the dialogue, see its beauty in the descriptions. Deji Olukotun has my city’s number: especially its nasty underbelly, the dangerous dealing of abalone poachers. “
Mike Nicol, author of the Revenge Trilogy

“Deji Olukotun’s novel Nigerians in Space is an impressive debut, a literary thriller that also deftly explores themes of the African diaspora.”
David Gutowski, Largehearted Boy

“A transnational mystery novel replete with assassins, abalone poaching and an international fashion model who exudes light from her skin.”
Matt McGregor, Warscapes

Nigerians in Space is so much a novel of our time that it helps us track how far we’ve come from mid-century African novels.”

Brittle Paper

“A crime thriller that is out of this world.”
Samantha Lim, The Brooklyn Paper

“Nigerians in Space captures the cocksure attitude and dignified clip of the 1950s radio play, with more mischievous and macabre elements that reflect the frustration of anti-colonial and Pan-African politics.”
Megan Eardley, Africa is a Country

“The book is a must read.”
Dianah Ninsiima, Africa Book Club

“A madcap first novel that unravels like a spy thriller.”
Mark Haskell Smith, Flavorwire

“At turns enthralling, funny and sometimes heart-rending — a rollicking and smart book from a talented new voice.”
Darren S. , Rare Books Expert at The Strand

“The last one hundred pages were read in one sitting in the wee hours of the morning that saw me almost missing the alarm to prepare my child to get his school bus when I blacked out at 4am. It was that good.”
James Murua‘s Literature Blog

Everyone Comes from Belterra

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Everyone Comes from Belterra: When America Owned the Amazon is set in Belterra, a Ford town built in Brazil in the late 1920s to supply the company and America with rubber in the event of global war. Chapters were published in The London Magazine, The Space, and The book was studied in a political science course at Rutgers University.